If your car has been damaged as a result of a collision, a good auto body shop can reverse the damages. But before you select a body shop, it’s important to conduct diligent research. Although there are many reputable body shops, there are some shops out there that do inferior work. Here are 8 important questions to consider asking before getting work done at an auto body shop.
  1. Does the auto body work include a warranty? When you pick up your car from the auto body shop, you may notice they botched your paint job or dented your car, etc. It’s times like these you’ll be glad you asked about their warranty before having them do work on your car. Ask the shop what kind of warranty or guarantee they offer on their work and find out how long that warranty lasts for after the work has been completed.
  2. Are loaner vehicles provided by the auto body shop? It might take a significant amount of time for your car to be fixed. Ask the shop if they offer on-site rental car options or partnerships with local rental companies. Determine whether you will be responsible for paying for the rental or loaner car.
  3. When will your car be repaired? If you take your car to a body shop at the end of the week, it may take longer to get your car repaired because of the weekend. Ask the shop to provide you with an estimated or exact date the repairs on your vehicle will be completed.
  4. Does the body shop have theft or fire insurance? Many people do not think about protection from fire and theft while their car is at the auto body shop. Ask them if the shop will be responsible for any losses or damages that occur on the body shop’s premises and what insurance(s) they have.
  5. What shade of paint will be used on your car? If you want your paint job to be an exact match for your current vehicle color, make sure the shop knows that and are equipped to do that. Some auto body shops are not certified auto body painters so you may get your car back with similar but not exact match colors. Find out if they are certified for and planning on using the exact same shade of paint before you allow them to fix your car.
  6. Are the technicians certified to repair your car? Certifications, like I-CAR, are important because they indicate that technicians have taken additional courses in auto body repair. Certified professionals are aware of the latest technology and safety procedures in auto repair. Ask your shop to tell you about the shops technician’s certifications.
  7. Will you receive a written contract? It is essential for the auto body repair company to put the work they plan to perform in writing. A written contract can protect you in court if the auto body shop does not make the correct repairs or charges you for extra repairs. This is one of the most important questions you should ask.
  8. What is the auto body shop’s payment policy? In some cases, your insurance company will pay for the damages caused by a collision but other times you may be responsible for all or part of the payment. If you are paying the expenses, get a clear understanding of the shops payment policies. Ask what percentage of the payment is due upfront and if they offer financing.
Conclusion Asking some or all of these questions will help you determine if the auto body shop you’re researching is a qualified shop. We’re happy to answer any of these questions for you here at Cascade Collision Repair.