You may have a wide variety of reasons for visiting a local auto body shop for repairs. Perhaps it’s because of an automobile accident, maybe your car was vandalized, or perhaps you’re just looking to upgrade your car. Unfortunately, not all body work projects go well. Depending on the shop you go with sometimes your car can end up with chips, cracks, dents, or broken parts that weren’t there before or end up with a car that’s not 100% back to the way it was before the accident. If you ever go through a bad experience of receiving inferior auto body work here are some helpful tips to follow. Document the Issue If you get your car back and you suspect the work completed was not done as quoted or just suspect subpar work, start by documenting what is wrong with the repair. Take lots of pictures or videos of the imperfection(s) or damage and consider collecting statements from close friends, as witnesses. State the Issues Next, make the auto body shop aware of the problem. A lot of body shops guarantee their work, ask them if they do so and if they’re willing to remedy the situation. Compare the quote they provided you before beginning their work to their finished work and point out any discrepancies to the auto shop. If the person at the front desk isn’t getting you solid results consider asking to speak with their supervisor or even the shop owner. Request a Refund or Promise of Delivery Remember to remain calm as you speak to the shop about their possible guarantees. If they don’t offer guarantees on their work consider asking for some type of refund because of their shoddy work. If necessary show them the evidence of the damage and consider getting an estimate from another shop as to how much it would cost to fix their poor work. The body shop may respond in a few different ways. They might agree to redo the work at no cost to you, they may agree to redo the work at a discounted price, or lastly, they might simply refuse to redo the work at all. Consider Speaking to an Attorney If the shop is simply not helpful at all, think about contacting a local attorney to seek legal advice. They can let you know if you have a possible case and can help you seek compensation for the shop’s subpar work. Conduct Research Before Hiring Someone The above points show why it’s important to thoroughly investigate an auto body shop before you have them complete work on your car. A reliable and certified auto repair shop will generally have these five main qualities: positive consumer reviews, affordable pricing or financing options, stellar customer service, certified technicians, and a guarantee on their work. Conclusion If you get your car back from the shop and aren’t impressed with the work they performed; document the issue, talk to them about the problems, request a refund or for the work to be redone, and finally consider speaking with an attorney. Remember, though, picking a good quality auto repair shop, to begin with, can spare you a whole lot of aggravation so consider going with a company like Cascade Collision in the first place.