As Americans, we love to drive on our miles and miles of open road. It’s no secret that we have a love affair with our vehicles. But this also comes with the responsibility of ensuring our cars are properly serviced and maintained. Not doing so can lead to some costly repairs. Below are some of the most expensive ones you could face. Timing Belt $300 Belts are always going to wear out; it’s an unavoidable fact. Letting worn belts go for too long can lead to even greater problems, but replacing one in a timely manner will most likely still run you about $300. Air Conditioner Compressor $500 Comfort is one thing most drivers look for and air conditioning is a large contributor to that. Failing air conditioner compressors can be a common problem in older cars and often times a recharge won’t do the trick. If your compressor breaks down, you can expect to pay about $500 to get it going again. Brake Lines $1,000 No one likes the sound (or feel) of grinding brakes, which is why proper maintenance is essential. Most brake problems are caused by pads or rotors which are relatively inexpensive fixes, but if you have a broken line, you’ll be looking at about $1,000 in repairs. Blown Gasket $2,000 If you like to run your car for speed, you’re probably familiar with a blown gasket. If too much heat and pressure builds up inside the engine, the result can be a blown gasket which means your engine coolant will start leaking out. Expect a $2,000 bill if you have this problem. Fuel Pump $2,000 Your fuel pump supplies fuel to the injector and can sometimes be compromised by foreign entities in the gasoline. These include water, metal shavings, and just plain poor quality oil. Fuel pump repairs will run you about $2,000. Engine Control Unit $3,000 The ECU is basically the brain of your car and controls all the electronics and messages that come from sensors throughout the vehicle. Generally, a failure results in the loss of all vehicle functions and a full replacement is in the area of $3,000. Suspension $3,500 Your suspension consists of shocks and struts and various other mechanisms that are often taken for granted, but are the sole reason you get such a smooth ride from your vehicle. A broken part here and there isn’t too big of a deal in terms of expense, but a full suspension replacement can soar to upwards of $3,500. Airbags $4,000 Safety is a high priority for any driver. Airbags have made our tours on the open road a much safer journey, but if one of your airbags deploys for any reason, the costs can be staggering. Damage from a deployed airbag can really add to the costs of repairs and could have you looking at owing $4,000 or more. Transmission $5,000 The transmission is a very complex system or gearbox that controls the power an engine puts out to the driveshaft. A major breakdown could cost upwards of $5,000 . Seized Engine $10,000 A seized engine is considered “major damage.” This occurs when the heat generated from moving cylinders isn’t controlled and the metal actually fuses together. Repairs require removal of the engine and possible total replacement. If you don’t throw the car away and start anew, you’ll be looking at costs reaching $10,000. Happy Driving The good news is that all of these car repairs can be delayed or avoided altogether with proper driving habits and a good mechanic to ensure your car is serviced and maintained properly and in a timely manner. Good habits and regular auto “check-ups” can save you a lot of time, money, and stress.