Bad gas mileage can eat up your money fast. Therefore, it is crucial that you act immediately if you find that your gas gauge seems to be dwindling at a rapid pace. Try the following eight methods of getting your gas mileage back in check.

Use Premium Gas if Your Car Needs It

Some cars require premium gas and they will protest if you do not use such a grade. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on premium fuel instead of trying to save money by using regular. Regular gas can truly cause you to have horrible gas mileage, and that will cause you to lose all the money that you were trying to save.

Open Her Up

Doing a lot of city driving can cause you to have poor gas mileage because of the tremendous amount of stopping and starting your vehicle. What you can do to remedy that situation is get on the highway and open her up. Drive as fast as is legally allowed to get everything flowing properly.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter is one of the least expensive car parts, yet so many people do not change them for the longest time. You should change your air filter every time you change your oil. A clogged air filter will give you horrible gas mileage because your engine can not breathe. Go ahead and give your motor a nice decongestant.

Add Some Fuel System Cleaner

It is possible that you have some junk in your fuel lines. You can purchase a bottle of fuel system cleaner for less than $10. Fill your gas tank up half way, pour the cleaner in and then get on the highway and drive like you’re in a race.

Check Your Tires

Flat or improperly inflated tires will make your vehicle work extra hard. Which will make your gas dwindle. Check the tire pressure in each of your tires and then pump them up if you need to. Also, if you have warped wheels from an accident, you will want to get that taken care of by a professional collision repair company.

Change the Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is another inexpensive part that can cause you a heap off problems if you do not change it. Someone can change that the next time you have your oil changed, as well. Just ask the shop to do it for you and they will oblige.

Change the Spark Plugs and Wires A bad spark plug or wire can make your car run like utter crap. You are lucky if you can operate a vehicle with a bad plug or wire, or get any power out of it at all. You will want to have your spark plugs and wires checked by a professional if you notice excessively poor gas mileage. They are inexpensive and can restore the proper air-fuel mixture to your vehicle which will cause you to regain any lost power. Swap the Ignition Coils Another issue that can cause your car to run poorly is a bad ignition coil. You can have a variety of problems, from funky smells and horrid gas mileage to failure of the vehicle to start at all. Have your ignition coils checked if your car seems to be bucking or vibrating, as well as giving you bad fuel efficiency. You will want to get that taken care of ASAP. Those are just a few of the problems that you may be experiencing with your vehicle. Check those first and see if they change the habits (or if the parts work) before you take it to a specialist. If you don’t see changes soon, then take it in ASAP. Contact Us If your car continues to run poorly, contact us. Your vehicle could be suffering from a previous collision and may need the attention of the experts at Cascade Collision.