happy family in the carDid you know that too much stuff in your vehicle can be a serious safety issue? It’s true! Each year, clutter causes severe injuries to drivers and passengers nationwide. Here’s how to keep you and your family safe:
  1. Remove as much as possible from your vehicle.  Books, toys, trash — they all can become flying projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or crash. Some drivers have sustained severe injuries and even died after colliding with objects such as laptops during a car accident.
  2. Collect the trash. Go through your car — don’t forget to look under the seats — and get rid of all nonessential items. Stow away items such as a flashlight in your glove compartment. While you’re in there, make sure your vehicle registration form and proof of insurance is readily available should you be pulled over by law enforcement!
  3. Set an example. Stop bringing so much stuff into your car, and prevent children from bringing so much into the car themselves. Old habits may be hard to break at first.
  4. Take the time to address other safety issues. Surprised that clutter can be dangerous? You also may not know that ‘peephole driving’ is a common source of wintertime auto accidents. In wintry weather, accumulations of road grime, salt and ice can impede vision. Visit the car wash more frequently during the winter season and don’t drive unless you can see through your entire windshield. Also, have you had your tires inspected recently? Underinflated and worn tires are big causes of vehicle crashes year-round.