Remember those crazy mornings when everything that can go wrong does? Breakfast is burnt, the kids are slow and grouchy, you’ve spilled something on your clean work outfit. And as you’re finally ready to head out the door, the car keys are nowhere to be found. Yep, we’ve all been there. At least once.push start engine So is the new trend of keyless iignitionin cars going to be any better? The latest and greatest technology is gaining rapid strength in the market. The push-button start was standard or optional in 72 percent of cars and trucks in 2014 models. That’s a whopping difference when compared to just 5 percent of cars a decade ago, according to trending research. If you’re confused about the pros and cons here’s a great article that helps spell out some of the differences between a regular turn-key ignition and a push-button start. It appears that the trend is shying away from installing the push-button start in trucks and larger SUVs. Does pushing a button take anything away from the total car driving experience? What does the turning of the key and the feel of the engine kicking to life in your hand add? While technology is usually a good thing, we wonder if it somehow diminishes that good old fashion adrenaline rush you can get when you feel the engine roar as you turn it on. Maybe it’s an old fashion notion. Read this article and tell us what you think. What we really want to know is if that fob will be any easier to find on those crazy mornings?