Winters are probably not the best times for many drivers. The weather presents several challenges to both the driver and the vehicle on the road. Extreme cold and ice puts your vehicle’s mechanical capacity into a test. The weather may also put your driving techniques into question. However, the cold season could provide adventurous stories for you, if it finds you adequately prepared. There are a number of things that you can add to your car to ensure that you maintain a smooth ride during winter. The add-ons include: Winter Tires Most winter roads are slippery. As a result, it is important to ensure that your car tires have a good grip on the road. Due to technological advancements, car owners from snow-prone regions can now access specially made winter tires. Before winter sets in, you can bolt up a pair of Michelin X-Ices or Bridgestone Blizzaks enabling you to drive comfortably and even come to a halt on slippery roads. However, if you are unable to get these set of tires, remember to add treads on your current tires to enhance their grip on the road. Car battery From our deep consultation with electrical engineers, many of them tell us the same thing: a failing or weak battery won’t improve if you assume it. The battery is a critical part of a vehicle, and therefore, it demands more attention from you. Battery neglect can land you in deep trouble, especially during winter; your vehicle might fail to start and consequently you and your family or friends risk freezing to death. If you realize that your battery is developing mechanical and charging problems, consult your mechanic. They will rectify it, if possible, but if it is beyond repair, you will be forced to replace it. When purchasing a new battery, choose the biggest one that will fit into your vehicle. You can also have a spare battery in your car just in case the unimagined happens. This will ensure you are set for winter driving. Emergency Kits Emergency kits are important during winter for any car driver who values his life and those of others. A perfect winter emergency kit consists of a charged-up flashlight with batteries, thermal blanket, extra ice scraper, small shovel, and a fully charged battery booster. These items are a must have. Live by this rule: prevention is better than cure. Block heater If you stay in northern Minnesota, Western Siberia, or another extreme snowy place, you ought to think about adding a block heater to your engine. It is a small electrical engine appliance that is plugged into a home’s wiring system to aid in starting up a vehicle, even in extremely cold conditions. A block heater is almost a must have for cars using diesel engines and being driven in frozen conditions. A block heater will also ensure that you have sufficient warmth in the cold mornings. Basic supplies Invest in a substantial snow brush and a bag of sand. In case you own a rear-wheel-drive car that requires help in the ice, you can place one or two bags of sand behind the rear axle to increase the traction of the hind wheels. Similarly, a snowbrush will come in handy when scraping off the snow on your car windows or rooftop. Conclusively, if you want to have a smooth drive in the winter, don’t be afraid to make some changes on your vehicle. Winter tires, block heaters, emergency kits, and a functional car battery are a must. Apart from ensuring you will not get involved in ugly incidents, they will also standardize your car’s fuel consumption and save you from expensive repairs.