If your car is in need of repair, how often do you wonder if you can just fix it yourself? More simple tasks like changing the oil or patching a tire are one thing, but when it comes auto body repair, we suggest leaving that to the professionals. DIY Body Repair While there are certainly YouTube videos explaining how to fix and repair just about anything you can imagine, auto body repair requires certain tools and steady, experienced hands. Without both, your DIY repairs just won’t look right and may cause even more damage in the long—which means more money too! Auto body repair shops have the specialized equipment necessary to fix dents, scratches, windshields, rust, paint, and, last but not least, trained professionals who know exactly what they are doing. When something doesn’t go exactly as planned they have the knowledge needed and the tools necessary when it comes to troubleshooting and finding the right solutions. It Comes Down to Safety In the end, it really comes down to safety. Do you feel totally confident that you can correctly make a repair on your vehicle after watching a video online once or twice? Or, would you feel more comfortable knowing that someone with years of training and experience will do the job the right way with the right tools? We know spending a little more money to get the job done right can be hard to do, especially if you think you can do it yourself. However, when safety is a concern, we suggest leaving it to the pros! If you have been in an auto accident and need repair help, at Cascade Collision we provide a variety of collision repair services.