Don’t Skimp on the Paint If your car has been in a collision, the repair process is multi-layered. Once the damaged parts have been replaced and the dents smoothed out, the important work is not yet done. The paint job will have a major effect on its future life. That’s why it’s important to have it done the right way by the right person. Why a Professional? None of us like to spend money on car repairs. If possible, we’d love to do as much as we can or have a friend help. But the paint job is not the place to go cheap. We can easily describe our car colors. Crimson red, cobalt blue, or maybe metallic silver are some specifics that come to mind. Well, most cars have a paint code located in a door jamb, under the hood, or in the trunk. This gives you the exact color of the manufacturer’s paint. A good auto body professional will know to look for this code and match it with the paint they are using so that they’re not just painting over your repair job with a “similar” color to the rest of the car. Paint color mixing may be part of the process. You will want someone certified and experienced to trust in handling that. What’s the Big Deal About Paint Anyway? Paint does more than just make your car look good. As strong as the metal that makes your car’s body is, it can and will wear down with time. Every time you drive your car it encounters dust and dirt from the road that you may or may not notice. Paint serves as a protective coating to protect your vehicle from the damage the road can do. Quality paint means a lesser likelihood of rust and even possible harm to the car’s parts. The stronger that metal remains, the better your car can stand up to everyday driving and even another possible collision. And the better the paint job, especially over a repaired area, the more likely that metal is to stay strong. What They Should Do Not everyone who can fix a car can paint one. Make sure the professional you choose is thorough enough to clean your car before painting. Dirt and dust in the paint itself are no better for your vehicle’s metal than the grime on the roads will be. Don’t be afraid to ask if they will be placing tape over the parts of the car that won’t be painted. A paint gun has specific settings and if they are not correct, runs and drips can be the result. Be sure to check for these before paying for the work done and leaving the shop. How Do I Know I’m In the Right Place? We’re not all experts on auto body shops, let alone paint shops. So how do we know if we’re trusting our car to the right place? Look to see if it the shop you’re in appears relatively well organized and clean. It’s an auto repair shop, so it won’t look like an operating room, but if there’s excessive clutter, it may indicate how careful they are likely to be with your car and its parts. Check for certifications from paint or equipment manufacturers. The employees of Cascade Collision are serious about your car’s perfection and will do everything they can to ensure it. A cheap paint job will come out expensive later when you have to do more work. Any car, luxury sedan to old reliable special, deserves a quality paint job. If there’s been an unfortunate incident of damage, it’s best that a true, dedicated professional repair your car and restore it to look brand new.