new driver w keys from dadGot a new driver in your family? It’s a scary and exciting time! Here are some great tips for new drivers–from how to change a flat tire–to what to do with obnoxious friends. Being a new driver can be intimidating but it’s not a responsibility to take lightly. When driving a car, you are literally putting your life and the lives of any passengers in your hands. While it can be intimidating, it’s also a momentous occasion that has inspired thousands of people both young and old to hit the highways with a new sense of freedom. With the wind blowing through your hair and an empty road in front of you, it might be tempting to forget practical matters. But those practical matters are what may help to not only keep you safe, but make your foray into freedom a safer and more enjoyable experience. So when you get that little piece of plastic in your hand that symbolizes so much of being a part of the grown up world, remember that all good things come with a certain amount of responsibility and respect. Knowing how to handle every situation you get in can only make your driving life more carefree and safe. And isn’t that really what we all want in the end anyway? So hit that highway and feel that wind in your face! Just do it the smart way!