Routine maintenance is important for everything, including your car. Instead of ignoring a problem until it becomes too big to handle or has serious consequences, take care of even the smallest parts as this will greatly improve the life and longevity fo your car. In some cases, ignoring or poorly performing simple upkeep has had tragic outcomes. For example, a British Airlines flight almost ended disastrously because the wrong screws were used in a windscreen. In-flight, the screws came out, and the windscreen blew off. While you may not have anything as large as an aircraft to care for, small things in your life are just as important. Don’t just hope that a problem will go away, and don’t overlook the An auto mechanic checks the oil level in a car engine during routine maintenancesmall, simple steps that can keep a problem from growing. Pay attention to the small details – change the oil in your car regularly; check the batteries in your smoke detector; even listen when your children are talking. This will give you the opportunity to stay on top of the squeaks in your life. Taking care of potential problems before they develop can save lives and money.