Nobody wants to see that dreaded check engine light when starting up the car. Sometimes, we wait to get our car looked at hoping the problem will go away. However, the warning indicators on your car are there to help you. If you see any of these lights (along with others not mentioned here) light up, get your car checked out right away.

Engine Light

The average cost for a repair related to a check engine light is $357. Compare that to the cost of replacing an engine (over $7,000), and you’ll see why you want to get your car looked at as soon as these indicators light up.

Oil Pressure Light

For some reason, we often don’t take the oil pressure light as seriously as we should. If your oil is low, there is still some in there that can last you until you get around to it, right? First off, maybe. But that is not something you want to chance since running out of oil can cause significant damage to your entire engine. Second, the oil pressure light could indicate other issues like a faulty oil pump or gauge that needs to be addressed. Whatever the problem is, you want to get it checked out before anything major happens to your car.

Battery Light

Even if you have a good set of jumper cables ready to go in your trunk, you do not want to ignore the battery warning light. This is the type of problem that can get you stranded. The battery light can be triggered by the battery, the alternator, or the alternator belt, so you need to get the issue checked to discover the root of the problem.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is a major safety issue. Fortunately, tire pressure lights can let you know about an issue when they first arise, which can help you avoid getting stuck with a flat tire. If you see this indicator light up when you start your car, get out and immediately take a look at your tires. If they look good enough to drive on, proceed to your auto shop to get them checked out.

Temperature Light

The temperature light is another indication that something is wrong with a larger system in your car. Coolant is vital to keeping your car running well, so get your car looked at immediately if you see this indicator light up. Don’t wait to take care of your car. By addressing these issues as soon as possible after an indicator lights up, you can save yourself a lot of trouble, and possibly increase the number of miles you can get out of your car. You could also avoid bigger problems and potential safety issues by taking your car to your trusted Cascade Collision location.