brokenhearted carBreaking up with a mechanic can be hard. You can have feelings of abandonment, loss, and betrayal. These emotions can lead to depression. The loss of trust, money, time, and the emotion that goes a long with it can be difficult to deal with. Whether you were the dumper or dumpee, it can still hurt the same. Even if on some level you knew it was for the best, those good memories still keep rolling back in. Once you’ve given yourself time to grieve, it’s time to get back out there!  You can’t shut yourself and your car up in the garage forever. You’ve got to move on. But how? With whom? It’s so hard to start over! Well, here’s some tips to get you back in the game!
  • Give your car a good wash and wax! You’ve got to be looking your best when you meet that new someone who’s going to check out under your hood.
  • You generally want to go with someone who specializes in your particular brand of car. With so many different makes and models, both foreign and domestic, you want someone who knows the ins and outs of your car and intuitively knows just what it needs.
  • Get recommendations from family and friends. Look on the Better Business Bureau website. And check out the Internet for reviews, both positive and negative. Read the whole profile; don’t just look at the pictures.
  • Give the shop a tryout. Do smaller repairs or an easy regular maintenance first before you go in for a bigger fix. See how they do. It’s OK to move slowly.
  • See what kind of warranties they offer on their work. Warranties differ greatly from shop to shop, so find out ahead of time what they offer. Confident mechanics generally don’t have a problem giving a guarantee of some kind for their work. Although there is really never any kind of total guarantee in these matters is there? To build something new and good you’ve got to risk it my friend!
  • Make sure they have a schedule that coincides with yours as best as possible. You can’t be the one doing all the work. It’s a two way street. If you do your due diligence and persevere, we promise you’ll find the special someone that you can build a lasting relationship with!