Anyone who lives in a cold-weather climate knows it’s imperative to prepare their vehicle for the cold winter months. Those who don’t live in areas like that might not know what it means to prep their car for cold weather, snow days, and cold conditions; but did you know you should prepare your car for the summer? Warm weather is just as damaging to vehicles as cold weather, if your vehicle is not properly maintained, prepped, and cared for. Allow these tips to help you maintain your vehicle to prevent warm weather damage from occurring. Inspect and Replace Tires Even if your tires were just fine during the winter, you should inspect them and replace them if it’s necessary before summer arrives. Winter driving can cause excess wear and tear to occur and your tires might not be as safe as they were the last time you had them checked out. Warmer weather often brings with it rain and slick roads and driving on tires with plenty of tread is much more safe. Wash Your Car Well If you live where the snow is abundant during the winter, it’s more important now than ever to clean your car. This means more than just vacuuming the floorboards and washing the exterior of your vehicle. The undercarriage of your vehicle goes through a lot during the winter. Snow, sleet, ice, and salt are all corrosive, and they can cause significant damage to the bottom of your vehicle if it’s left there. Be sure to clean this well so there is nothing left to corrode and damage your vehicle. Replace Air Filters and Windshield Washing Fluid Air filters are damaged during cold weather and it’s time to have them replaced. While you might find that yours are just fine, many require replacement following the winter. It’s also imperative you have your windshield washing re-filled. In many cold weather climates, special fluid is used during cold months. It should be replaced with regular fluid when the temperature rises. General Maintenance Now is the time to have your oil changed, to have your climate control checked out, and to have your air conditioner accessories changed. Perhaps your vehicle needs more Freon or other additives that keep the air blowing cold and comfortable. Now is the time to prep your car for summer by having this checked. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than turning on the air in your car on the first sweltering day of summer only to realize your air is not blowing cold at all. Prep an Emergency Kit Your car should have an emergency kit in it all the time, and it should always include a first aid kit. It’s a good idea to replace some of your winter supplies with summer supplies, too. It’s time to replace anything you’ve used in the winter to keep your kit stocked, and it’s time to add more water. Water is always important, but it becomes more important in the summer when your body is more likely to become dehydrated because of the heat. Add more water and add bug repellent to your emergency kit. You might find yourself broken down or needing to make a long walk to a nearby gas station or other form of civilization and water and bug spray become more necessary than ever. It’s also a good idea to add sunscreen to your emergency kit. This is something you should leave in the kit during the winter, too. Sunburn and UV rays from the sun aren’t only dangerous to your health in the summer. Your car doesn’t require too much prep prior to summer, but you shouldn’t ignore the things it does require. These take very little time, perhaps just a quick appointment at your local dealer to have everything checked out, replaced, and repaired. It’s always better to remain safe than it is to remain sorry and these tips help you ensure your car is always safe for you in the heat of summer.