Car Radiator on a white backgroundThe radiator is an important component of your vehicle and should not be neglected when it comes to routine maintenance. All those moving parts in your engine generate a lot of heat. Motor oil helps provide some lubrication, but isn’t enough to overcome the wear and tear on your engine from the heat generated when driving. This is where the radiator comes into play as it pumps coolant through the engine block to absorb some of that excess heat. So it’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle’s coolant system is in good working order. Most owner’s manuals suggest getting your radiator flushed annually. Today’s engines have a lot of aluminum components including the radiator. Aluminum needs a lot of corrosion protection. In general, your engine’s coolant is used up in about two years. Flushing your radiator can be done by a mechanic and should cost about $35 to $50. Why get your radiator flushed? Here are four benefits:
  1. Removes rust and deposits. These build up over time in your radiator and can cause overheating and damage. A flush helps remove these contaminants and fills it with new antifreeze that is more effective.
  2. Removes contaminants. A flush completely drains the system. The old antifreeze is removed along with any contaminants. Coolant looses its anti-corrosive properties over time which can led to build ups of particles.
  3. Protects against rust. Today’s anti-freeze formulations have additives that help prevent rust.
  4. Allows mechanic to inspect cooling system. They will check the pressure to make sure there are no leaks.