So, it’s that exciting time in your teenager’s life where he or she starts looking forward to getting a driver’s license. While you instantly developed ulcers at the thought, it’s also up to you to help teach your new driver those basic skills.  It’s also on you to ensure they have a little experience behind the wheel before you turn them loose. teaching to drive Taking the time to give your kids a few lessons will benefit everyone in the long run. Go to a big empty parking lot to get started. Make sure that the mirrors and seats are adjusted to fit your driver’s needs. You’ll have plenty of space to learn how to turn and accelerate and just get a feel for how a car moves. And you don’t have to worry about bashing into anything or anyone. Moving on to quiet neighborhood streets will give your driver a feel for the road and where the car should be positioned. It can also be a great place to practice parallel parking and other techniques needed on the real streets. Make sure that you stay calm and as chilled out as possible. You getting stressed and freaked out only makes your teen the same way. That’s never a good thing, especially behind the wheel of your car. Give plenty of calm instruction and plenty of advance notice when you want them to turn or stop or pull over. Keep your lessons short at first. 15-20 minutes is usually enough o begin with until you move on to more advanced techniques. But by far the best teaching tool is teaching by example. Explaining to your kids about scanning and watching techniques while you are driving in the car together is one of the best teachers. Your kids really do watch what you’re doing and will learn to do what you do. Getting a new driver doesn’t have to be anxiety ridden. It can be a great thing that brings a family closer and takes the load of all the busy little errands off of you!