Cars cannot fly – yet, that it is. With all of the advancements in automobile technology, ruling out the chance that cars could fly in the future might be short-sighted. While a flying car might still be far in the future, consider these advancements in automobile technology:

Car dashboard with gps panel, travel and technology backgroundGPSTell your car where you want to go, and it will tell you how to get there. Many cars today come with GPS systems. Even if you have an older car or purchase one without a GPS built in, you can pick up a GPS system that is fairly inexpensive. Still, some people enjoy the fun of planning out their own route the old-fashioned way–with a map!

Back-up camera. Another relatively new addition to car technology is the back-up camera. These cameras allow drivers to see those blind spots behind the car, cutting back on accidents. Like the GPS, if your car does not come with a back-up camera, you can easily purchase one yourself.

These advancements have become so common place that many people don’t even think about them. However, just a few years ago the technology simply did not exist to allow such options in automobiles. It certainly raises the question – what will be next?