The girl with blue eyes in the white car Passing the new driver’s test is a rite of passage that can have a big impact on a family’s car insurance bill. But the cost of insuring your teenage driver is not the only the challenge parents face. Keeping your teenager safe behind the wheel in an era of texting while driving is another huge task. Here are two important things that can help keep your teen driver safe once they start driving:
  1. Buy a safe vehicle. Finding an affordable and safe vehicle can be tough. That’s why many teenagers are driving around in older cars that aren’t the safest choices in the event of a crash. Features such as anti-lock brakes and side airbags can make all the difference in the event your new driver has an accident. Make sure your teenager’s vehicle is inspected and maintained regularly. Here’s a great guide to selecting a safe vehicle for a teenage driver.
  2. Stress safe driving. Talk about the dangers of texting while driving and distracted driving. Be cautious about allowing your teenager to transport other teenagers until they have really mastered driving skills. Also, enrolling your teen in a driving training course may be one of the best investments you can make not only for your pocketbook, but also for a parent’s peace of mind.