We’ve all had that friend who drove the worst looking car. You were embarrassed if they were the one to drive anywhere, because you had to come up with a reason why you were seen in that atrocity. Heaven forbid that someone you fancied saw you rolling up in that dumpster fire. But not today! This blog post is dedicated to those vehicles that have gone by the wayside to ugly town. Pontiac Azteck Starting the list off wrong is the Pontiac Aztek. The Aztek was doomed from the start, even to the point of it being called the greatest failed model in recent history. AMC Gremlin Second on our list comes everyone’s favorite mythological mischievous creature: The Gremlin. American Motors Company introduced the ill-proportioned economy car in 1970, but rather than sabotaging aircraft and small mid-Western towns, this sub-compact monster led the charge on cheap manufacturing (including vacuum-operated windshield wipers). ugly car We don’t even know where to begin with the next car on the list. The Fiat Multipla first came on the scene in 1998. Fiat was known for producing bland, ordinary looking cars. Rather than make some minimal changes, Fiat threw together one of the oddest looking cars since Homer Simpson’s “The Homer.” trabant-476750_1920 If you’ve ever traveled to Germany, specifically East Germany, you may have noticed the many similar cars left to rust away on the side of the road. The Trabant, made by an East German auto maker, was known for horrible fuel economy, horrible power, and super thick, black exhaust that trailed it everywhere it went. It was styled so poorly, that no 2 side panels could ever align properly. Even worse, if it rained, you got wet. Because of the poor materials it was built with (a step above cardboard), the roof would retain and redistribute the water throughout the car. Classic_Yellow_Ford_Pinto Last, but definitely not least, on the list is the legendary Ford Pinto. Horribly styled, it also contained one of the worst design errors known in the auto industry. If you were ever rear-ended in it, the fuel filler neck would snap off turning your ride into a catastrophic flaming death ride. Because of this, the Ford company was charged with reckless homicide, marking the first time ever in U.S. history a corporation was charged with murder. Whatever your car may look like, Cascade Collision will bring out its true beauty. Don’t get caught with an ugly, banged up car. Schedule an appointment with Cascade today.