driving on snowy road Getting behind the wheel in severe winter weather can be hazardous. That’s why learning proper driving and safety techniques not only helps you to feel more self-assured in the driver’s seat, but it can avoid a costly and dangerous accident. Snow and ice can overwhelm even the best of drivers. Consider these tips to help increase your safety and keep control when you hit the road: Stay home: The best way to avoid a winter driving accent is to avoid driving. So if the National Weather Service issues a severe winter weather advisory, consider staying inside until you know it’s safe. You may arrive at your destination a little later, but taking a risk in hazardous conditions also comes at a cost. Tune-in: When driving is a necessity, and staying home isn’t an option, tune in to local media for up-to-date information on problem areas and trouble spots. Your local radio or TV station will usually have traffic cameras in place to know what is happening before you get there. This will save you time and help you to know what to expect. Stay on the beaten path: To increase your chances of arriving at your destination without incident, only drive in areas where the snow has been cleared. Plowing and salting crews generally work around the clock in extreme weather conditions. Waiting for them to do their work can serve you well. Get a grip: Snow tires are designed with deeper tread than all-season tires, allowing them to grip the snow better. And it can make all the difference. So if you live in an area with regular snow fall, a good pair of snow tires is a wise investment. Know your vehicle: One of the best ways to increase your chances for safe travel is to know your own vehicle. Every vehicle requires unique care, so learn how your steering and brakes work and the best way they handle extreme weather conditions. If snow is a fixture where you live, it pays to learn proper winter driving. With so many things out of your control, arming yourself with knowledge to drive smart and drive safe helps you maintain control in the areas you can control.