Proper car maintenance takes time, money, and dedication, but it will extend the life of your car. Take initiative and avoid making these common car mistakes.

Putting Off Oil Changes

Many car owners make the mistake of putting off oil changes. Sure, you promise yourself you’ll take care of it next month. Of course, next month you say the same thing. While newer cars may not require oil changes as frequently as some older vehicles, it’s still important to follow your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions in order to maximize your engine’s life.

Forgetting Fluids and Filters

Neglecting brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, or power steering fluid may seem like a time and money saver in the short term, but over time your car can sustain costly damage. It’s also important to replace filters regularly for optimum auto performance. Not sure how often you should check a fluid or replace a filter? Check your car manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Ignoring Your Brakes

That squeaking noise you hear coming from your car doesn’t add character. In fact, it might be the sound of worn-down brake pads. If your car emits a squealing or grinding noise when you apply the brakes, it’s time to get the car checked out ASAP. Ignoring brake problems can lead to more costly repairs in the long run. Neglecting your brakes can even lead to injury or death if the brakes stop working while you drive. Don’t wait until there is a problem; get your brakes checked out regularly.

Neglecting Your Tires

Tire care may take time, but doing so can extend the life of tires and save you gas money. Every few months, pull out the tire gauge and check the tire pressure. You can find the appropriate pressure listed in your owner’s manual. Don’t forget to take your tires in to get rotated. A couple of times a year should be sufficient for most drivers, but be sure to check your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your vehicle. If you need car repair, you need Cascade Collision. We offer experience, convenience, and a lifetime warranty. Contact us today.