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Paying for college is expensive and can make finding the right car to fit both your budget and your needs seem almost impossible. Here are 5 cars that have the features a college student needs, while maintaining a price tag you can afford even on a ramen and cereal budget.

1. Honda Fit

Ranked number one among subcompact and hatchback cars, the Honda Fit has a sleek, compact look, but is capable of holding a significant amount of cargo. With high ratings in pricing, safety features, and fuel efficiency, this vehicle is an excellent option for maneuvering into those tight campus parking spaces.

2. Honda Civic

In addition to being affordable, Hondas tend to retain their value better than most other cars, meaning your student can easily trade the car in and get good money when they’re ready to upgrade after graduation. Rated second in compact cars and offering the complete package in regards to safety, pricing, and fuel efficiency, you can’t go wrong with the college-friendly Civic.

3. Hyundai Elantra

While the Hyundai Elantra is considered compact, the interior offers the space and comfort of a midsize car. Although the base model doesn’t have much extra cargo space, upgrading to a hatchback means your student can fit all the luggage they need for a weekend trip home, in addition to excellent tech packages to keep them up-to-date with all the best features.

4. Kia Soul

If you prefer something a little more unique in style, consider the Kia Soul. With high safety ratings, sufficient cargo space, and great tech options, it’s no wonder this vehicle is ranked the second best in its class.

5. Mazda3

The Mazda3 is known to be a fun, sporty car to drive, and what college student doesn’t want that? With a decent price tag and lots of extra features available, this vehicle comes with high-performance safety ratings and excellent cargo space perfect for lugging around all those textbooks.

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College is a time for independence, studying, and a whole lot of fun, and any of these 5 vehicles can help your student achieve just that. When trouble strikes and your student needs help after a collision, we’re here to help. Call today to get a free quote.