Summer is a great time for driving. You don’t have to worry about icy roads, and you can plan fun road trips to get away and enjoy the country. One thing you do have to worry about in the summer is keeping your car cool. Even late in the summer, the sun can make the inside of your car unbearable, and even dangerous. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your car cool in the summer. These simple tips will help you take the edge off the summer heat so you can enjoy those summer drives.

Block the Sun

One of the simplest ways of keeping your car cool in the summer is to invest in a screen that you can put in the windshield when you park. It only takes a few seconds to put up, and it will reduce the temperature in your parked car. Windshield screens also keep the sun off the steering wheel and front seats, which will help keep you from getting burned.

Cover Your Seats

Another way to prevent burned skin or discomfort in a car on hot days is to cover the seats when you park. Just keep some blankets or towels in the car that you can spread over the seats before you leave your car. This is especially helpful for leather or vinyl seats that can get really hot in the sun. As a bonus, you can always have towels available in your car when you go swimming.

Park Strategically

If you find yourself without a window screen or blankets, or even with them, it’s a good idea to look for shade when you park. The temperature in the shade is much cooler, even more so when you factor in how much the sun heats the inside of your car. You can also think about how the shade will move as the day progresses to try to keep your car covered.

Crack Your Windows

It’s a good idea to leave your windows a little open when you park. Just an inch or so will still keep your things inside safe while allowing a bit of a current to blow through your car and cool it off.

Keep Your Car Air Conditioning in Good Shape

Finally, remember to have your car air conditioning looked at during the beginning of the warm season. Sometimes, the system can gradually become less effective over time without us noticing. Having a good cooling system will help take the edge off the heat more quickly once you get in your car. Taking care of your car and planning how to combat the summer heat will save you from some discomforts and potential dangers so you can get out and enjoy the season a little more. Learn even more tips to protect you and your car from the experts at Cascade Collision.