If you take proper care of it, your car can last a very long time. If this is your goal, you must be conscientious about taking great car of your vehicle. Follow these steps and you have a good chance of your car’s odometer reaching 200,000 or even higher. 1. Drive Cautiously and Smoothly Stepping on the gas and braking gradually and smoothly is one of the best ways to reduce wear and tear on your car. Staying within the speed limit also helps you conserve gas. On rough roads, it’s extra important to slow down. Avoiding potholes and bumps protects your suspension system and other parts that could come loose. 2. Maintain the Cooling System The cooling system is crucial for keeping your car running smoothly. Make sure you maintain the proper level of coolant at all times. The radiator needs to be flushed out approximately every 50,000 miles. Consult your owner’s manual to find the recommended schedule. 3. Repair Even Minor Damage Most vehicles sooner or later accumulate dings and dents. Whatever the cause, it’s important to repair damage promptly. Aside from cosmetics, damage can affect your vehicle’s alignment, making it unsafe to drive. If you experience either major or minor damage, take your vehicle to a reliable collision repair service. 4. Shield Your Car from the Elements Sun, rain, and snow can take their toll on your car. You may not be able to avoid driving through extreme weather. You can, however, protect your car when it’s parked. Ideally, keep it in a garage or indoor parking space as much as possible. The next best thing to parking indoors is using a cover if your car is going to be in the sun for hours. 5. Use Quality Parts Some drivers try to save money by buying the cheapest products and parts for their car. This is not a good strategy for making your car last longer. Buying used parts, for example, may save you a few dollars now but it will probably mean the part will wear out much faster. Similarly, always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil, gas, and other fluids. For example, if your owner’s manual recommends filling up your car with high-octane gas, don’t skimp by using regular. 6. Pay Attention to Warning Signs When something starts to go wrong on a car, there are often warning signs. Some people ignore these signs as long as the car seems to be driving normally. This is a mistake. If the “check engine” light is on, always take it to a trusted mechanic to find out why. If you hear any unusual sounds coming from your vehicle, find out what’s causing it. Ignoring signs such as warning lights and unexplained sounds can result in major damage to the vehicle. 7. Change Spark Plugs Regularly Neglecting to change spark plugs is one of the major causes of unnecessary wear on your engine. As spark plugs wear out, you may notice a decline in your vehicle’s performance. You shouldn’t wait for such symptoms, though. Either change the spark plugs as recommended in your owner’s manual or take it to your mechanic for regular tune-ups. This prolongs your engine’s life and gives you a better driving experience. 8. Pay Attention to Tires and Alignment Good tires are essential for safe and smooth driving. Make sure you check your tires regularly to make sure they’re properly inflated. Change them as often as necessary. When doing this, look for signs of misalignment. Frequent driving can cause your car’s suspension system to fall out of alignment. This causes the car to pull in one direction, which is unsafe. When you get your tires changed, make sure that your alignment is also checked. To make your car last 200,000 miles, you need to pamper it. You should drive carefully, keep all the fluids at proper levels, and repair any problems as soon as possible. This prevents minor problems from becoming dangerous and expensive ones. Following these guidelines saves you money in the long run, as you’ll be able to keep your car for a very long time.  

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