Although technology has upgraded over the past couple years, it still holds a focus on the general public in dangerous situation such as driving. Unfortunately, distracted driving contributes to thousands of deaths a year and it’s only getting harder to try and prevent it. To help you, your family, or friends stop distracted driving, here are our top-rated apps that can keep you driving safe. How Apps Can Help Phones are getting more and more powerful which can make driving distracted even more influential. However, even keeping your eyes off the road for a second can lead to a head-on collision or even possible death. To help prevent distracted driving, specialized apps were created, primarily for teens, to keep their eyes on the road and away from their phone screens. Choosing a Distracted Driving App There are more and more distracted driving apps being set available every day. When choosing your own app to download on your phone, consider the following: – Can it track the number of miles you have safely driven? – Is it compatible with your phone? – Can it block incoming texts or calls? – Will it send driving notifications to parents? – Does it offer points or rewards for driving safer? The Best Safe Driving Apps 1. LifeSaver LifeSaver is a highly popular app that brings GPS monitoring and a fun reward system to help prevent distracted driving. While preventing teens from being distracted from their phones, it also allows parents to see their safe driving habits at the same time. Also, it can send out notifications to friends or family when the driver safely reaches their destination. 2. iOnRoad This is one of the more technologically advanced driving apps out there today. iOnRoad using its superior technology to “see” the other cars on the road. It uses GPS data, the accelerometer, and your smart phone’s camera to determine the distance between your car and the car ahead of you. If you start to drive too close to the car ahead of you, the app with flash a warning and send out an audio alert. This app also blocks text messages, calls, and emails, all of which are major causes of distracted driving. 3. targets the largest cause of distracted driving, text messages. Instead of reading text messages while driving, this app transforms texts into audio messages. This way, drivers can hear what their text messages say without having to take their eyes off the road. After playing the audio message, automatically sends a reply stating that you are driving and cannot respond. 4. Drive Beehive Drive Beehive is PADD’s official safe driving application. It connects young drivers with community sponsors, like family, friends, schools, and businesses. These sponsors can set rewards for the number of miles driven safely. It is super easy to use and actively incentivizes drivers to be safer. 5. TrueMotion Family This useful smart phone monitors and keeps track of dangerous driving habits. It also provides recommendations on how you can improve your driving. It tracks the number of times you stop short, go over the speed limit, and more. On their website, TrueMotion Family states that by downloading their app, you can reduce distracted driving by 75%. Distracted driving is getting worse every year, but there are plenty of ways to help prevent it. Hopefully, with the use of these apps above you can drive safer and help inform your friends on the dangers that distracted driving pose. To check out more distracted driving tips, check us out at Cascade Collision.