Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. From new startups like Tesla and Faraday Future to established car-makers like Ford and Mercedes, all sorts of companies are producing electric vehicles at never before seen levels. These vehicles are quieter, more environmentally friendly, and often faster than their traditional combustion engine counterparts. But are they as safe? The answer is complicated, and there are a few things to consider. Electric vehicles are required to have virtually all the same safety features as a combustion engine vehicle. This includes blinkers, brake lights, mirrors, and safety belts. They are also required to comply with the same safety regulations and pass the same stringent testing. In fact, there are really only two ways in which electric vehicles differ from combustion engine vehicles in terms of safety: Engine safety, and pedestrian safety.

Electric Engine vs Combustion Engine

Electric engines do not use gasoline the same way that combustion engines do, instead they store power in lithium-ion batteries. In the early days of electric vehicles, these batteries would sometimes spontaneously burst into flames. This was, of course, a significant safety hazard. However, these batteries have come along way since those early days. Today, lithium-ion batteries are for the most part safe, but when struck they can burst into flame. However, this is not very different from combustion engines, as gasoline is also prone to burst into flames.

Pedestrian Safety

One of the major benefits of an electric vehicle is how silent the engine is. Without the rumble and roar of a constant low-level explosion under your hood, electric vehicles produce a quieter and calmer ride. However, this does come with a downside: Electric vehicles are also silent to pedestrians. Drivers of electric vehicles should exercise extra caution in pedestrian areas and around home if they have children. All-in-all, there is not a significant difference in safety between electric vehicles and traditional combustion engine vehicles. If you do get in an accident, Cascade Collision is happy to help whether your vehicle has a combustion engine or an electric one. Contact us or get a free quote today.