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All of us here at Cascade Collision Repair want you to know we care deeply for the well-being of our customers and employees. In an effort to minimize the possible spread of COVID-19,we are taking the following measures:

  1. Office employees wear face masks and production employees wear their respirators or face masks.
  2. Disinfect high touch areas in every stage as well as clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle prior to delivery.
  3. Keys are disinfected when received and prior to delivery, gloves are worn, and hands are washed frequently when handling keys.
  4. Practice social distancing by meeting customers outside for drop off and delivery. (Walk-in estimates are still offered those who prefer to do business in person.) If you do not want to come inside, please call our office upon arrival. Lehi-(801)919-8597, Provo-(801)396-8303, Orem-(801)406-8469, Park City-(435)214-1834
  5. Encourage customers who call in for estimates to submit photos online through our website We can also text or email a link for customers to enter their contact information and submit photos. Estimates will be written within one business day, at the latest.
  6. Payments can be made over the phone or through an email link and insurance checks can be collected outside prior to delivery if preferred.
  7. Communication with customers is handled by phone, text, or email. Customers who wish to have in person conversations are always welcome inside.
  8. Pick-up and delivery options are available for those who want their car repaired but don’t want to leave their homes.
  9. Require employees to go home if they don’t feel well, even if symptoms are unrelated to the Coronavirus.
  10. Providing all employees the option to work from home whose positions allow them to do so.

We understand the seriousness of this virus and are trying as best we know how to do our part in helping our customers, employees, and vendors remain safe and healthy. As a small business, we hope you will keep your appointment. We would love the opportunity to do everything we can to make the repair process as seamless and convenient for you as possible.


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Monday, 15 March, 2021

Car Engine Cylinders: What You Need to Know

Car Engine Cylinders: What You Need to Know

Most of us have heard the term “cylinder” used to describe a car engine, but many people don’t know exactly what that means. No matter the number of cylinders your engine has, they generally function in the same way.

The cylinders in your car’s engine convert the energy needed to make your car move. Inside each cylinder is a piston that works like so:

  • The piston moves up and down inside the car engine cylinder.
  • As it moves down, the top chamber inside the cylinder is injected with an air/fuel mixture.
  • As the cylinder moves back up, it compresses the air/fuel, and the spark plug for each cylinder ignites the mixture, creating an explosion that forces the piston down.
  • The force from that internal combustion is what gets your car moving.

How many cylinders your car has, typically four or six, makes a difference in terms of performance, reliability, and lifespan.

4 Cylinder vs 6 Cylinder Reliability

There has historically been a lot of debate among drivers and car repair experts about which is better between a car engine with 4 cylinders vs 6 cylinders. Reliability is one issue, and power is another. Simply put, having more car engine cylinders means having more pistons, which will produce more power. Performance cars and trucks tend to go with a V6, the “V” indicating the shape of the cylinder arrangement on the engine.

When it comes to 4 cylinder vs 6 cylinder gas mileage, the 4 cylinder models tend to win out. This is largely because smaller, lighter-weight vehicles tend to have 4 cylinder engines.

However, developments in car technology have altered the debate. A 4 cylinder car today is more powerful than a lot of older 6 cylinder models. Conversely, a 6 cylinder car today gets better gas mileage than a lot of older 4 cylinder cars.

Get Your Car Engine Serviced by the Experts at Cascade Collision Repair

No matter what car you drive or how many cylinders it has, you need to turn to a trusted expert when it needs repair. That’s why Cascade Collision is the right choice for car repairs and maintenance. Our convenient locations are there to serve you and keep your car and all its cylinders running smoothly. Contact us today for a free quote.