Even if you love your long-lasting car, driving the same old vehicle can get a little monotonous. Not to worry. You don’t have to break the bank on a new vehicle when your current one is driving just fine. You can perform a few simple car upgrades yourself to help make it feel like new.

Simple Car Detailing Tips

Sometimes when we think of car detailing, we think of things you have to pay someone else to do. You certainly can do that, but you can do a lot of it yourself at relatively low cost. By taking a little extra time and attention to detail (pun intended), you can make your car or truck shine again.

Add a Few Steps to Your Next Car Wash

The next time you wash your car add a few more steps to the process, and you will really see a difference. Waxing your car after washing and drying it can really bring out the color and shine. You can go a step further and use clay before you wax to get the spots that are harder to clean. Once you have your paint shining, you can polish up the hubcaps and treat the tires to make your wheels look great. Other areas to work on include your car’s headlights and wipers. Not only will cleaning make them look better, but doing so also makes your car safer to drive.

Remember the Inside Too

While having a great looking car with a nicely detailed exterior can make your car look like new, you still spend most of your time inside the vehicle. To make that part of the experience feel like new as well, take some time to detail the inside. You’ll be glad you did. Vacuum the seats thoroughly and get the floor and mats as well. Just getting that debris out makes a huge difference. Leather or vinyl seats can be wiped with product to bring them out. You can try stain treatments on cloth seats too. Polishing the dash, console, and the hard parts of the doors will really make your car feel like new. Remember to clean the inside of the windows and display while you are at it, and you will be amazed at how the inside of your car feels.

Low-Cost Car Upgrades

These car detailing tips require some products, and you should make sure you use the right one for each surface. However, the difference a good detailing makes for your car is incredible, especially for the cost. They really are low-cost car upgrades that make your car feel like new. If you need bodywork done on your car to get it looking like new, contact the experts at Cascade Collision. Our repair services cover all of your auto body needs, and our customer service is second to none.