Two events are approaching that increase the danger of cars, especially for children. One is that children across the country are getting out of school for summer. The other is that with summer comes increased heat. Put these two together with a parked car, and the chance of harm is great.

The temperature inside a car can become deadly quickly.

Very High Scorching Temperature Shown On A Big ThermostatFor example, according to San Francisco State University’s Jan Null, when the temperature outdoors is 80 degrees, the temperature in a car with the windows rolled up can reach 123 degrees within 60 minutes. Heatstroke can occur at 104 degrees, and a body temperature of 107 can be fatal. This is true for all ages. However, children’s bodies are less able to deal with the heat, so they increase in temperature more quickly.

To avoid this danger, make sure to lock the doors of your car so that a child cannot get into the car when you exit it. If this isn’t possible, consider leaving the windows down. Most importantly, always double check your car to make sure a child has not been left behind!