Now that you are a pro at dealing with summer driving, it’s time to get your car ready for the upcoming change of seasons. With fall upon us, there are things you should check to make sure your car is safe for the change in driving conditions. Get a car service checkup at your local shop, or take some time to give it a look yourself. There are definitely some key areas that need to be checked. Contact Cascade Collision with any questions or for any auto body fixes you might need in addition to these areas.


It’s always important to make sure your wiper, brake, steering, and coolant fluids are properly topped off. The change of seasons offers a timely reminder to give them a look.

Brake System

Good brakes are always important, and this is especially the case when we start to see more water on the roads. If you can check your brakes yourself, that’s great! Otherwise, have them looked at during your next car service checkup.

Belts and Hoses

You will likely notice a belt is loose by the noise you hear, but having them looked at and tightened when necessary is important. Making sure each hose is secure will help keep your fluids where they need to be.

Seasonal Tire Change

The best time to make sure your tires are ready for fall and winter driving is before the roads start getting bad. You can take a look at the tread yourself. If you are not sure if they are still okay, there’s a good chance that they’re not. Ask an expert to be sure!

Lights and Wipers

Lights and wipers are easy things you can test yourself. Have a friend watch your lights as you turn them on and press the brakes. When you test the wipers, make sure they don’t leave any streaks in your field of vision.


You will definitely notice this one if it doesn’t work the first time you need it! Since you probably haven’t had to use your heater in a while, give it a test to see if everything’s still running smoothly. By taking a little time to run through your car’s systems, you can make sure it is ready for the more adverse driving conditions that come with the change of seasons. Ask a professional if you have any questions, and drive safely out there!