Summertime is a great opportunity to go on road trips, to visit family or just head out onto the beach. Unfortunately, people tend to neglect their vehicles during this time because they are in a vacation mindset. There are a few ways to make sure your ride is still road-worthy all summer long, by avoiding some of the usual car trouble and accidents that happen during the hot weather. 1. Overheating Sometimes we forget to replace the coolant in our vehicles. This can cause the car to overheat, especially on a particularly hot, sunny day. Remember to always use 50/50 coolant and water in your vehicle if possible, and only use water in dire emergencies because it corrodes. Keeping your car topped up will help to keep it in tip-top shape for the summer. 2. More Company on the Road If you thought this would be the perfect time for a road trip, it always looks as if everybody else had the exact same idea. There are a lot more people out on the road, which means that accidents are more likely to happen. The bright sunlight can also cause low visibility, making collisions a danger on the road. Stay alert and always check your blind spots to keep yourself safe while driving. 3. Failing A/C One thing that will put a damper on any road trip during the warmer months is failing air conditioning. Opening the windows just isn’t the same, and you need to stay cool during long journeys. Visit a mechanic to have the fuses and blower motor checked before you hit the road. 4. Tire Pressure The heat can affect your tire pressure. Many convenience stores have a station where you can put more air in your tires. While you are filling them, make sure the tires aren’t going bald. You can check the depth of your tires by inserting a penny in the treads upside down with Lincoln’s head facing you. If you can see his entire head, it’s time to replace your tires. 5. Don’t Run Out of Gas This may seem like a no-brainer, but road trips are frequently taken down very long stretches of highway with no gas stations for miles. Make sure you’ve filled your tank and don’t chance it on the hopes of finding another gas station before you run out. If you don’t hitch a ride, it can be a very long walk to the next place to get gas and get your car moving again. 6. Emergency Equipment Everyone should have an emergency kit in the trunk of their car. This should include road flares, a flashlight, candles, food that won’t spoil, water and road maps. Even in our modern technological age, our gadgets can fail us, so a good paper map is a useful resource. If you’ll be traveling through colder regions, it’s a good idea to add a blanket to your emergency kit. You never know when you’re going to need it. 7. Hot Interior Everyone’s had the experience of opening the car door on a hot summer day and finding it absolutely baking inside. The best solution for this problem is to always park in the shade and leave the windows open a crack. You can also purchase a sunshade for your windshield to keep the sun from beating down into the car. This can be dangerous for children and pets. Never leave them in a hot car unsupervised. Summer is a wonderful time to reacquaint yourself with the American love affair with the automobile. New adventures await around every corner, but your ride has to be reliable in order to get you there. Take care of your vehicle, and it will take you places.