Most of us understand and follow the basic driving rules: Don’t drive too fast, stop for red lights and stop signs, signal before merging, and yield to pedestrians. These rules follow basic common sense and therefore are quite easy to remember and follow. However, there are many more driving rules, some of which are a little more difficult to remember. By following these driving tips, you will be a little safer from harm.

Crossing Parking Lines

You pull into a big grocery store parking lot. A great parking spot is just a few aisles over, and you can see it clearly. What do you do? Do you drive down your aisle, and go around through marked lanes, or do you cut across a few parking rows and drive directly to the available spot? Few people remember that it is actually illegal to cut through parking lots. Additionally, cutting across parking lines can be dangerous. It might seem like you have great visibility and a clear path, but in parking lots cars can appear quickly. It is best to stay in lanes and avoid cutting across parking lines.

Texting and Driving

The legality of using a cell phone while driving actually does differ a little bit from state to state, but the bottom line is it is illegal to send text messages while driving in the vast majority of states. This makes sense – distracted driving is incredibly dangerous – but many people forget and send a quick message while they are driving.

Obey the Three-Second Rule

The three-second rule is not a universal driving law, but a basic rule of thumb for safe driving. It says that to avoid tailgating someone, you should allow three seconds from when the vehicle ahead of you passes a point on the road to when you pass it. This allows you sufficient time to brake in case of an emergency. Following this rule can cut down on many avoidable fender-benders. Following these driving tips could save you a world of headache. If you get in an accident anyway, don’t forget to choose Cascade Collision Repair!