If your car or truck is involved in a collision, you want it restored to its pre-collision condition. The problem is that there are so many different makes of cars, each with so many components. How do you ensure your vehicle gets repaired by someone who knows your type of car inside and out?

GM Certified Service

If you drive a GM vehicle, you’re in luck. GM certified service shops, which are part of the GM collision repair network, have passed rigorous training standards to ensure that repairs are properly handled. This means every necessary detail of the collision repair will be accounted for. How do these specialty shops—like Cascade Collision—do this? First, GM-certified technicians must meet the required standards and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of GM repairs. Part of this process involves using specialized scanners that detect any variance from a vehicle’s pre-collision condition. This helps guide the technician and make sure that all the needed repairs are made.

How to Become a GM Certified Technician

Becoming a GM certified technician is no small feat. It requires weeks of intensive training with a certified instructional institution. To become certified, technicians must become proficient in:
  • Electrical
  • Engine repair
  • Brakes
  • Steering and suspension
  • HVAC
  • Engine performance
  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • And more
GM certified technicians gain a thorough knowledge of each of these areas for the many makes and models under the GM umbrella.

Call the GM Certified Technicians at Cascade Collision for All Your Car Repairs and Maintenance Needs

Make sure your GM vehicle is in good hands. Take it to the GM-certified experts at Cascade Collision Repair. We have convenient locations near you ready to get your GM vehicle back in pre-collision condition. With our thorough maintenance services, we will help keep it that way well into the future. Contact Cascade Collision Repair for a free quote.