Halloween is a great time for kids. The excitement of getting dressed up, walking through the neighborhood, and getting a lot of candy is a true joy. While out having fun, it is important to take some safety precautions to make sure everyone gets home in one piece.

Safe Walking on Halloween

Any list of Halloween safety tips needs to include teaching kids how to be safe when walking through the neighborhood. This is always important, and especially so on Halloween. Younger kids might not be used to traffic rules, and the low evening light makes it more dangerous. Halloween safety tips for kids that you can teach them about walking include:
  • Always stay in crosswalks
  • Make eye contact with drivers when crossing to make sure they see you
  • Plan your route so you can make as few street crossings as possible
  • Watch for cars making turns
  • Young children should always walk with an adult

Safe Driving

Keeping your kids safe with you is one thing. Helping keep other kids safe is just as important. To do so, make sure you practice safe driving on Halloween. If your vehicle has any issues, take it to a reputable auto repair or auto body shop like Cascade Collision to get it checked out. Other Halloween safety tips for drivers include:
  • Plan extra time for any trips you make on Halloween, especially in the evening
  • Make sure you are focused on driving and put any distractions away
  • Take extra time at stop signs and intersections
  • Use your headlights even if the sun is still up
  • Slow down, especially in neighborhoods and when passing parked cars or other places where a child might suddenly emerge
  • Keep in mind peak trick-or-treat hours between 5:30pm and 10:00pm and try to stay off the roads during this time, if possible

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids’ Costumes

When getting your kids ready for trick-or-treating, make sure their costumes are as safe as possible. This includes:
  • Make sure they can see well, especially if they wear a mask
  • Add reflective materials to their costume or bag, like reflective tape
  • Give them glow sticks to carry
  • Adults should always accompany small children
  Halloween is a great holiday. Practicing these Halloween safety tips will help you make sure it stays that way.