Spring is in the air. Even if you love the snow, warming and increased sunshine are almost always welcome. The change in seasons is a great time for making sure you are keeping your car in good condition. These simple tips will show you how to prepare your car for spring!

Wash Winter Away

One of the ways that winter is hardest on your car is the salt that can accumulate on the undercarriage. Road salt helps make driving safer in winter, but if left on the undercarriage, it can start to corrode your car. Getting a good car wash that includes the undercarriage is a great way to transition from winter to spring. On top of a good wash, Cascade Collision can help with any additional auto body work your car might need.

Change Your Car’s Fluids

The new season is a useful reminder to keep up with regular car maintenance. You might think, “I already take care of my car,” but it can be easy to let the routine services slide. Your car worked hard throughout the rough winter driving season, and you might put more miles on it when sunny weather arrives. Getting an oil change and the system flushed will help your car run well.

Check the Tires

The beginning of winter is a great time to make sure your tires are in good shape so they can handle any slippery roads, but spring is important too. Spring often means more rain and wet roads, so making sure your tires are still good is key. Also, the temperature changes can affect the air pressure of your tires. In addition to checking the tread, check the pressure and see if a tire rotation is in order too.

A Good Spring Cleaning

Why not extend spring cleaning to include your car? Cleaning the inside of your car is part of keeping your car in good condition. Take out all the trash that might have accumulated during the winter, and give your car a nice detailing to start the new season.

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