With hot summers and cold winters, proper car care is essential in Utah County. By doing a few simple things, like waxing your car, you can keep your car looking like new and help protect its finish. Proper waxing can do wonders to protect your exterior from unnecessary damage or weathering. Follow these tips to learn how to wax a car and how you can keep your car looking beautiful no matter what weather it has to face.

Start With a Clay Bar

After you have cleaned your car and before you wax, use a clay bar. For those unfamiliar with them, a clay bar is simply a bar of clay that you rub on your car to remove dirt that has bonded to the surface. Run your hand over your car’s exterior. Those bumps you feel are from dirt embedded in the surface. Don’t wax over dirt! Always remove whatever you can before applying wax. To use a clay bar:
  1. Spray a lubricant onto the section of the car you are cleaning
  2. Rub the clay bar on the small area with a firm back and forth motion
  3. Repeat as needed
This simple tip prepares your car for waxing and helps remove unwanted dirt.

Wax On

Before applying the wax, make sure that the car is completely dry. Any water on the car’s exterior will cause the wax to streak. Always try to apply the thinnest coat of wax that you can. A thinner coat helps prevent streaking. To wax your car:
  1. Apply a thin and even coat to a small area, about 2 to 4 square feet, and rub it in well
  2. Use a microfiber rag to buff the wax with back and forth motions, never circles
  3. Move on to another section and repeat
Follow these simple steps to start taking care of your car the right way!