All automobile trends seem to be pointing toward electric cars. The technology has been around for a while now, and it continues to improve and evolve. The question, though, is should you buy an electric car now? The answer really depends on what features you are looking for in your new vehicle.

An Environmental Choice

Electric cars have a lot going for them. They are the environmentally conscientious choice in a world where people are looking to wean themselves off of fossil fuels. They are also becoming the budget-minded choice, as gas prices will likely continue to rise in the future, despite occasional dips in price. However, there are caveats to this increasingly sensible option. The first thing to consider is what type of electric vehicle you might want. Purely electric plug-in vehicles have the positive element of eliminating direct reliance on fossil fuels for powering the car. On the downside, there are relatively few places available to charge them, and current models offer short driving ranges. Most models are limited to 70 miles of driving before recharging, which can take up to four hours. If you have a relatively short round trip commute and do not plan on doing any long road trips, then this type of vehicle could be for you. Electric vehicles like this range from $200,000 down to a more practical $30,000. Government rebates for purchasing fuel-efficient cars can take the price tag down to around $23,000.

The Hybrid Option

Another option is the hybrid. More of these gas/electric hybrids are hitting the roads. They offer greater range than purely electric vehicles. Many car makes offer a hybrid version of their gas-only models. The Toyota Prius is still the most prevalent model out there. Rebates tend to be lower for hybrids than purely electric vehicles, but some are still available. Of course, the downside to a hybrid is the continued, though reduced, reliance on gas. If you want an electric vehicle now, the hybrid seems to be the more logical choice. However, if you want to completely eliminate your use of fossil fuels to power your car once and for all, the smart choice would probably be to wait at least a few years for electric car makers to improve their range and reduce their price tag. Contact Cascade Collision today to learn more about our services.