Many of us have heard of car detailing but might not be sure what it involves. The first thing to know is that car detailing is not the same as a car wash. So what is car detailing? You can think of it as the most meticulous car wash by hand–and then some.   Our Utah and Summit County car detailing services involve cleaning, correcting, and fixing all the surfaces of the car, inside and out. A good car detailing not only makes the car look great, but it also helps the surfaces of the car last longer, which helps preserve the value of the vehicle.

Outside Car Detailing

Detailing the outside of the car involves individual care for every surface of your car’s exterior. The paint is painstakingly and gently washed. It is then corrected with a service like a clay bar treatment to fix minor scuffs and imperfections created by dirt and other contaminants. After that, the paint is waxed or polished to give it a nice shine while removing any marks made during washing.   The same meticulous care is then given to the chassis and wheels. Each surface is cleaned with the appropriate product to give it an excellent shine. Protecting the undercarriage helps remove deicing chemicals and other substances that can corrode the vehicle.

Inside Car Detailing

Taking care of the inside of your car involves more than just vacuuming. All surfaces are wiped down and cleaned. Whether the surface is leather, vinyl, upholstery, or plastic, it is cleaned with products that will seal it without damaging the material.   Finally, a good car detailing also takes care of what’s under the hood. The engine gets a light spray down, degreasing, and is sealed to protect against corrosion.

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What is car detailing? It is taking care of every single surface of your car. To get the best car detailing in Utah and Summit County that will protect your vehicle while making it look amazing, contact us today.