A car crash is a stressful event, even under the best circumstances. Few people are prepared to know exactly what to do. It gets even worse if you are using a rental vehicle. The stress and panic induced by a crash can be compounded when you are in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar vehicle. We have prepared these tips so you know exactly what to do if you ever find yourself in this environment.  

Step 1: Get to Safety

The first step of any crash is to make sure that everyone is okay and safe from harm. If there is fire, thick smoke or any indication that an explosion might occur, make sure all passengers get clear of the area and to an area that is safe from danger and traffic. Contact emergency services if the crash is bad enough to warrant such a call.  

Step 2: Exchange Information and Documents

Make sure you get reliable contact information and details from any other participants in the crash. This includes name, address, phone number, and vehicle registration number. Take pictures or record video to document exactly what happened and the damage done. This will prevent any other parties from taking advantage of the situation and exaggerating injuries or damage done.  

Step 3: Call the Rental Company

Most rental cars will have an emergency contact number on the rental agreement as well as on a paper in the glove box. They will walk you through the next steps of picking up the car for auto body repairs and getting a replacement car if necessary.  

Step 4: Contact Your Insurance Agent

Finally, contact your own insurance company. Inform them of what happened. Ask if they will file an accident report, or if you need to do so yourself. Make sure to inform them of any insurance you bought through your rental car company so you don’t end up double-paying.   Once you have followed through these four steps, you will have navigated the immediate aftermath of an accident. Of course, anytime you need auto body repairs contact Cascade Collision Repair!