If you’ve recently been in an accident that has damaged your car, chances are you’ve got a lot on your mind: medical bills, police reports, and where to get your car repaired. Looking for a good and reputable Provo auto body shop might feel a little overwhelming at first. But there are specific signs and characteristics you can look for in a quality auto body shop. As you weigh your options, consider the following.

1. Certification

Start by checking an auto body shop’s certifications. Certifications show that the shop is technically competent and reputable. Look for things like trade-school diplomas, manufacturer certifications, and other certificates of advanced training. Certification demonstrates that the technicians have and the tools and experience to work on specific models.

2. Warranty

Does the auto body shop offer warranties on their labor? Not providing customers with a warranty is a definite red flag. Trustworthy shops will stand by their work and guarantee a lifetime warranty that lasts as long as you own the car.

3. Estimates

Avoid being overcharged by getting three or four different quotes for your repairs. Try bringing an estimate from one Provo auto body shop to another to see if they will match the price. And keep in mind that the lowest quote isn’t always the best; there are other considerations than cost to keep in mind, and it may be that the shop offering lower quote missed something. Another benefit of getting estimates is the chance to visit the auto body shop’s location and get a feel for the security of its premises and its quality of customer service.

4. Reviews

Your best source of information in finding a good auto body repair shop is reading customer reviews. These have been written by customers who have already visited the shop and can speak to its quality of work, prices, and customer service. Reviews for Provo auto body repair shops are available online on reputable websites, and some shops post reviews on their own websites. Read reviews of both positive and negative experiences to get an accurate idea of what to expect from an auto body shop you may be considering. Choose an auto body shop that has been reviewed highly by former customers. If you are looking in the Provo area for an auto body shop, contact Cascade Collision for more information today!