No matter where you’re headed this winter, if your vehicle is likely to encounter snowy roads and less-than-ideal driving conditions, you need to have a plan. Though basic winter tires should do the trick, if you’re facing serious snow this winter—be prepared. When driving, safety should always come first, which means your vehicle may need snow chains or studded snow tires. Though both of these options are intended to keep you safe, depending on your driving situation you may need one over the other.

Studded Snow Tires

Studded snow tires can be purchased at a tire shop and do require installation. More expensive than snow chains, studded snow tires are intended to keep your family safe in a very snowy place all winter long. Studded snow tires are nice because you don’t have to stop and put them on your car when you drive into a snowy area. However, studded tires make for an uncomfortable ride when you hit dry land. In some states, these tires are banned or restricted, so check on local laws before you buy. If you live in a snowy area where these tires are needed, they are a much better option than chains. Simply have the tires put on at the beginning of the snow season and removed at the end.

Snow Chains

Snow chains are much more common and much less expensive than studded snow tires. Chains can be purchased at local stores with auto sections, not just car care businesses. Chains can be added or removed from your tires as needed and are a good option when you are driving in and out of snow. You will have to stop and take the chains on and off though as you see fit, which may make things a little chilly. Though snow chains are considered to be very safe, it is important to replace them seasonally to avoid breakage that results in car damage or an accident. Ultimately your safety is what is most important this winter. If the slush and snow cause an auto accident, address medical needs first, then tackle car repairs. Cascade Collision specializes in repairs and is here for you all winter long. Contact us and find us at your nearest location.