Getting in a car accident is a frustrating and often confusing experience. There are a lot of details to take care of that cause a real disruption in your life. The biggest consideration is of course the health of everyone involved in the accident. After that, you need to get your vehicle restored to its factory-original specifications. With all the confusion surrounding a car accident, it can be easy to let your insurance company decide for you where to take your car for auto body repairs. The question is, can I choose my own body shop? Should I just go with the insurance-recommended body shop?

Is it Wise to Go with Insurance-Recommended Body Shops?

You shouldn’t be surprised if your insurance company recommends a body shop for you to use. They often have contracts with body shops. This gives the shop more business, and the insurance company pays a lower rate for the repairs. Before going with the recommendation, however, we think you should ask yourself a couple of questions:
  • Is your insurance company looking out for your best interests?
  • Do you want the repair shop to work for you, or for your insurance company?

Getting the Job Done Right

A major issue with choosing a body shop is the quality of work that you get for your vehicle. There is a huge range in quality and expertise from shop to shop. Just because your insurance company recommends a shop doesn’t mean that shop is particularly good. In fact, the lower rate the insurance company pays might lead to a lower level of service and even lower quality used or aftermarket parts. What you truly want is a body shop that offers the highest quality collision repair services as well as outstanding customer service. It is easy to think that because the insurance company is paying the bill, you don’t get a say in the process, but remember: it’s still your car and your customer service experience.

You Get to Choose

That brings us back to our original question: Can you choose your own body shop after an accident? The answer is yes! Your insurance company can, and probably will, recommend a shop, but it is your decision. In fact, if your insurance company refuses to pay for repairs at the shop of your choosing, they are likely violating the law. That is something you need to know. Your insurance company knows it, but you may have to remind them when you make your choice deciding between repair shops.

Choose the Best

You get to choose the auto body shop that fixes your car or truck after an accident, so choose the best. Cascade Collision offers a full range of auto body services, and we have several convenient Utah locations so you can find one near you. One thing you want to keep in mind when deciding where to take your vehicle is the importance of opting for a shop that specializes in collision repair. This can make a big difference in the results you get.  Cascade Collision offers industry-leading customer service, so you can get through the negative experience of a car accident on a positive note. We will get your vehicle looking like new. Our friendly team can even help you with the insurance paperwork to make sure everything is done properly. At Cascade Collision, we never let the quality of our work be dictated by the rates the insurance is paying. Additionally, we offer a Lifetime warranty on all the body, paintwork, and parts. Contact us anytime for answers to your auto body repair questions and to request a free quote.