When you take good care of your car and wash and wax it regularly, getting a dent can be nothing short of frustrating. You look at your newly waxed car and see the glorious shine interrupted by an unsightly dent. Not to worry—you can take care of a lot of car dents yourself. These tips will show you how to fix a dent in your car using some easy-to-find materials. For larger repair jobs, take your car to Cascade Collision. Our experts will have it looking like new. See also our blog on how to fix hail damage to learn more about ways to take care of cosmetic issues on your car. 

Toilet Plunger Technique

This first tip is pretty straightforward. Take a toilet plunger and wet it with water along with the dented area. Put the plunger over the dent and push and pull until you hear the dent pop out. This might not work for very small dents, but it is surprisingly effective for a lot of car dents.

Vacuum and Bucket Car Dent Repair

This one is a little more labor-intensive but can be very effective. Take a plastic bucket or pot that is large enough to cover the dented area. Cut a small hole in the bottom, then place the bucket over the car dent. You might have to tape around the edges to seal it around the dent. Use tape that won’t damage your paint, then feed the vacuum hose through the hole in the bucket, turn it on, and wait for the dent to pop out.

Hair Dryer and Cold Air or Dry Ice

Why not use a little science and learn how to fix a dent in your car at the same time? Heat the dented area with a hairdryer, holding it about six inches away. Cover the area with aluminum foil, then use rubber gloves to rub dry ice over the area. The rapid temperature change will make the dent pop out. You can also use cold compressed air if you have access to some.

Boiling Water

You can use the same hot/cold principle with the plastic parts of your car, including the bumper. Pour boiling water on the dented plastic, then push out the dent from behind. Poor cold water on the area to set the plastic again.

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