Many people are familiar with the basic concept of necessary car maintenance, such as changing the oil every 3,000-5,000 miles or knowing when to check the air filter. However, too many people still don’t follow a regular car maintenance schedule, as they are unfamiliar with all the other services their car needs. 

Reasons for a Car Maintenance Schedule

There is much more to maintaining a car than just making sure you regularly change the oil. Regularly maintaining your car not only allows your vehicle to run more smoothly, but it can also help prevent auto accidents and improve the life of your car. Sticking to a car maintenance schedule might seem expensive at first, but waiting until a crucial part of your car breaks will cost you a whole lot more. It is much simpler and cheaper to check your vehicle for wear and tear regularly. Doing so can greatly increase the number of miles you can get out of your car. If you don’t have a car maintenance schedule, a great place to start would be to refer to the owner’s manual in your vehicle. The manual will give you sound advice about when to maintain your vehicle in different types of climates.

Cascade Collision

While sticking to a car maintenance schedule can help you to avoid accidents, it, unfortunately, will not prevent them all. Even drivers who are up-to-date with all of their necessary car maintenance can still find themselves in an auto accident. That’s where we come in! Cascade Collision offers a variety of collision repair services that will help get your vehicle drivable again. Using advanced technology, our technicians work as a team to ensure that the services we provide you are done right and on time, every time. To learn more about Cascade Collision and our services, check out our website and Q&A page today!